How to complain for your Aadhar related issues

While applying for the aadhar card is you have any issue related to the service of aadhar card or any action is not been taken by any authority for your aadhar card appeal.  With this any kind of issue which has not been fixed for a longer time period . In that case , Government of  India facilitate us to use the online portal of complain.


  • There are so  many kind of  issues you can complain for. The issues can be like:
  • Operator of aadhar is behaving not well with you.
  • Operator of adhar is refusing to take your request to applying aadhar card.
  • Your acknowledgement receipt for aadhar card  is not provided by the authorised person.
  • The form is not available for applying the aadhar card.
  • Operating staff is not helpful.
  • If the operator where you are applying for the aadhar card is entering the invalid data , even you already alert him for the mistake.
  • Is their any case of corruption.

So the complain related to upper problems you can share with us. Responsible person   will take care of your query and problem and try to solve this very immediately as  fast as possible.

For complaining these step you have to take .

  • First click on this link to go to that page   this is the  you have to feel all the information about you.
  • You have to first enter your enrolment number and the date related to it. You have to enter it  so that the person be  validate.
  • Then you have to enter the full name , email id and the phone number of  your so  if any related information should given to you we can get contact to you.
  • Enter your area pin code and select your city of village.
  • After this select the type of issue you have give some detail information of your problem .
  • After submitting this form your problem will be submitted and you will get a case ID for this problem.
  • You can get and check the status for your problem also.

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